Science and Technology of Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond 2019 (STNPD-2019)

Nano-polycrystalline diamond (NPD)

Scope: Since the first report of synthesis of ultra-hard nano-polycrystalline diamond (NPD) in 2003 by the Geodynamics Research Center (GRC) of Ehime University, efforts have been made to apply this novel material to cutting-edge high-pressure researches in geoscience, physics, chemistry, materials science, etc., through a number of inter-laboratory collaborations with the GRC. We will have an international symposium on the synthesis, physical properties, and applications of NPD and relevant materials for further development of science and technology in high-pressure and related research fields, as well as for promotion of research collaborations using NPD. We invite not only the NPD users but also those who are interested in using NPD for their individual studies to this first international symposium on science and technology of NPD to be held at the GRC in Matsuyama, where it was born. This symposium is supported by the Joint Usage/Research Center program (“PRIUS”) run by the GRC and the Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research in Innovative Areas (“Interaction and Coevolution of the Core and Mantle”).

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Venue: Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan
(20 min. from Matsuyama airport by taxi or 40 min. by bus + tram)
Date: 28 February – 2 March 2019 (subsequent to the PRIUS symposium, mostly given in Japanese, 27-28 February)
Deadlines for contributed papers/posters and registration: 15 December 2018
Registration fee: free of charge
Banquet: 5000 yen (on-site payment at the registration desk, cash only)
Unofficial Dinner: “Oidenka” near Ohkaido, payment on site
Excursion to Uchiko-town: 5000 yen (on-site payment at the registration desk, cash only; including bus fair, lunch, drink)
Presentation: basically all speakers are invited (30 minutes for keynote and 20 minutes for other invited papers), but some slots for oral presentations and poster presentations are available for contributed speakers.
Accommodation: Many hotels are located in walking distance (15-20 minutes) from the GRC in the famous Dogo onsen area and the Ohkaido downtown area. We already reserved single-bed rooms from 27 Feb. to 3 March for 4 nights at Daiwa Roynet Hotel ( near the entrance of Ohkaido for only invited speakers.

Organizing Committee: Tetsuo Irifune (Chair), Hiroaki Ohfuji, Yoshio Kono, Fumitaro Ishikawa, Takeshi Sakai, Masayuki Nishi, Toru Shinmei, Akira Yamada (GRC members).

Contact and submission of the registration form to:
Madoka Wada (GRC official), E-mail:


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