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Geodynamics Seminar:
“Storage of missing nitrogen in the deep Earth: From the mantle to the core” Dr. Shengxuan Huang (JSPS post-doctoral fellow, Ehime University) abstract


International Frontier Seminar:
“The role of the solar wind as an origin of volatiles on terrestrial planets: An experimental study” Dr. Shun-ichiro Karato (Professor, Yale University) abstract


Geodynamics Seminar:
“Tetrahedral symmetry breaking in SiO2 glass under pressure as structural origin of the anomalous properties” Dr. Yoshio Kono (Associate Professor, Geodynamics Research Center) abstract

5/27-5/30 Dr. Shun-ichiro Karato
6/7-6/11 Dr. Toru Inoue
6/7-6/11 Mr. Daichi Maeda

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   7 April 2023
    Call for applications for a postdoctoral fellowship

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Low Shear Velocity Zones (LSVZ) in the Martian Upper Mantle Highlighted by Sound Velocity Measurements
The existence of low shear seismic velocity regions between 150 and 350 km depth in Mars mantle. The experimental results presented in this study are consistent with recent observations …
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The sound velocity of Majorite under mantle transition zone conditions
Researchers at Ehime University have reported the sound velocity of MgSiO3 Majorite garnet up to the pressure of 18 Gigapascals and temperature up to 2,000 Kelvins.Their results lead to …
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How were the carbon contents in terrestrial and lunar mantles established?
Carbon degassed from planetary mantles by volcanic activity plays an important role in the planetary surface environment. However, how the carbon content in the Earth’s mantle …
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