Call for applications for a postdoctoral fellowship

 The GRC, Ehime University invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in the fields of deep Earth and planetary science and high-pressure science as part of its efforts to promote advanced research and human resource development. We are looking for young researchers who are highly motivated to develop the cutting edge of deep Earth materials science through experimental and theoretical researches in the fields of “Dynamical Earth Science”, “Deep Planetary Interior”, and “High Pressure Materials Science”, and who understand the activities of the GRC and are capable of conducting research at an international level. Please see the application guidelines for details.

1. Open positions: Postdoctoral researcher

2. The number of positions: 1

3. Researches requested:
 Advanced researches in the structural properties, chemical compositions, dynamics, and evolution of the Earth and planetary interiors using experimental methods based on ultrahigh-pressure experiments, synchrotron radiation/neutron experiments, spectroscopic analyses, etc., or theoretical methods based on numerical simulations such as first-principles calculations.

4. Term of appointment: Renewable annually (maximum 3 years)

5. Salary, insurance, and benefits:
 These will be paid in accordance with the University’s regulations. Salary will be equivalent to that of a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (PD).

6. Starting date: As soon as possible until the end of December, 2023

7. Qualifications: Applicants must have a doctoral degree at the time of appointment.

8. Application Documents:
 i. A current curriculum vitae (with photograph and e-mail address)
 ii. A list of research achievements (original papers, reviews, books, patents, and other references)
 iii. Reprints of key publications (up to 3 reprints)
 iv. A summary of research to date (approximately 1,500 words)
 v. A summary of research plan after assuming the position (approximately 1,500 words)
 vi. Name and contact information of one reference
 vii. Please indicate you preferential timing of appointment.

9. Application deadline: June 16 (Fri), 2023

10. Selection method:
 In principle, applicants will be screened on the basis of their application documents, and in some cases, interviews will be conducted.

11. Submission address:
 Application documents should be submitted to the address below by e-mail. Please include the applicant’s name in the file name.
 Research Hub Section 2, Research Hub Administration Division, Ehime University

12. Correspondence:
 Tetsuo Irifune
 Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University
 E-mail: irifune @
 Phone: +81-89-927-9645

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